Emojii's leap to the bottom

(Michelle C. Basey) #1


  1. open editor window (via reply or New Topic)

  2. create several lines of text until it’s longer than the visible window height

  3. scroll back up so the end isn’t visible

  4. click somewhere in the visible text and type “:” to begin the emojii process

  5. select one (either in the immediate list or from the “more …” list)

The screen pops down to the end.

The blinky cursor stays where you were typing. You are just no longer seeing that part of the post anymore.

This problem started recently (like past couple weeks maybe?).

The problem was just confirmed on a completely different OS and browser. (so fairly confident it’s not “just me and my weird computer world”)

I know, I know, the “real” solution is to stop adding emojii’s while editing a post. LOL


(Joffrey Jaffeux) #2


no repro with your steps for me. Can you repro on try.discourse.org please ?

(Michelle C. Basey) #3

I am reproducing it on try.discourse.org.

I was also reproducing it on
party.michellebasey.com (still in Trial land)
and 2 of Seth’s workshops
hmm …

It doesn’t happen unless the text is taller than the viewable editing window.

If I type
enough times to get a scroll bar

then use my mouse rolly wheel to go back toward the top, then type : and select an emojii … that’s when it happens

if I fully type the name of the emojii, all is well

hmmm …

(Kris) #4

I can repro here on meta

(Michelle C. Basey) #6

I’m seeing it with @ as well, (hopefully a “shared code” kind of problem).

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #8

Ok finally got why I wasn’t getting a repro, it only “works” if you click on emoji with the mouse, not when you select with Enter


(Joffrey Jaffeux) #9

This should be fixed by:

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #10

Note: we should really move mention autocompletion stuff from composer-editor to d-editor. It’s kind of unexpected, emojis and categories are in d-editor and mentions in composer-editor

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