Emoticon button not working anymore (because of babble plugin)

Since the last update ( v1.9.0.beta13 +31) , the emoticon button is not working anymore (it doesn’t trigger anything on click)


Hmm…I can’t reproduce this on Meta or on Try (emoji panel opens fine), so this is likely due to a plugin or customization. Do you have any non-official plugins, or JS/CSS customizations?

css custom and some plugin (babble stable and who’s online)

Got this error on my console :
TypeError: this.didUpdateAttrs is not a function

    at s.triggerAttrUpdate (_plugin-third-party-42bd0246fcf849476b5137f48af823bf116e50c7b77ce1c6b0c75638a708aa38.js:1380)
    at Object.t [as applyStr] (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:49256)
    at Object.f [as sendEvent] (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:29157)
    at e.flush (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:32462)
    at g (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:33020)
    at Object.y [as changeProperties] (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:33045)
    at Object.r [as setProperties] (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:34096)
    at setProperties (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:45949)
    at n.update (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:24456)
    at t.evaluate (_ember_jquery-a8dcbd325e04410f036f2a791d66d8316c48c5387acdd914de99a5dd6afb3cd3.js:10981)```

@gdpelican @david do you recognize this error?

I just disable Babble and still have the issue. Same for Who’s Online.

Edit : Same problem on mobile version

You should use the safe mode rather than manually disabling plugins one by one, it’s easier & faster :wink:


I don’t recognise it, and I can’t think why who’s-online would affect the emoji picker. But then again more surprising things have happened before :wink:

As @zogstrip said, safe mode is the best way to check. Disabling a plugin does not completely remove it.


I just tried safe mode disabling only non-official plugins and it works. Thanks @zogstrip

So it comes from Babble or Who’s Online.

@gdpelican || @david this could help you ? :

TypeError: this.didUpdateAttrs is not a function

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Because Babble is currently broken and have problems with emoji picker, I propend for it:


ok thanks. I’ll remove it and come back here to make my report

triggerAttrUpdate is from the old code of Babble. It attempts to call an emoji picker function that changed name due to some commit.

I have a PR on Babble that fixes this.

The Babble topic on plugins should have the URL for my PR for you to pull in.

I use whosonline and bubble together with no prob.

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Rebuilding app with your fork…

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It works ! Thanks a lot @schungx !

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