Empower moderators to restrict tag groups | Nested tag structure | Navigation bar

I’m a moderator on a gaming forum and have curated tags mostly myself. I might add groups as needed and do not always want to get back to our admins and ask them for changes. To provide you with some context:

  • Currently we have three public top categories, each with various sub-forums.
  • And our tags mostly refer to the first category (that will change) and are not restricted.

Empower moderators to restrict tag groups

As Discourse allows mods create tag groups, I feel we should also be able to manage restrictions, which has been locked away from us.

  • Please consider to move Category restrictions to the tags page.
  • If admins prefer mods not to have that much power, they should be able to limit them to viewing rights only.

Nesting of categories and groups on the tags page

My idea is to restrict tag groups by top categories, and I would like to see them structured as follows:

  • Grim Dawn
    • lots of tag groups (more or less what you see on our tags page now)
  • Farthest Frontier
    • more tag groups
  • future games
    • even more
  • Off Topic
    • will it ever end…?

I got the impression you can either list tags by category or by group, but is it possible to have both?

Custom order of tag groups and a navigation bar

  • As you can see I sorted the tag groups with numbers, but I’d rather have a menu, which allows me to move groups up and down, so that I do not have to renumber all following groups, if I want to insert or (re-)move one.
  • The page has already gotten very long. Is it possible to add a navigation bar (as in Discourse New User Guide)?
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