Limit tag-groups to certain groups

It would be cool if there was a way to limit the usage of tags from a tag group to certain groups. Currently only the settings “public” and “team” are possible.

It might not help but your could limit tags to a category and then limit that category to a group.

I would also like to request this feature.

My use case:

I have a group that contains certain users, all of which have upgraded permissions so they can assist staff with moderation, but they are not full-strength moderators. They are called the Netlify Community Pilots.

I want them to be able to see certain tags from a certain tag group - such as answered and unanswered. Currently only staff can see certain tags.

Basically what i am hoping for is a 4th option, here - the ability to select group level visibility in conjunction with staff/team visibility.


Hi Perry,

This sounds like a very interesting idea, we have slotted a bunch of work to improve category moderation for our next release. I will make sure we consider this as well.


fantastic. any idea when that next release is planned for?

Sometime in the next 6 months or so, but we are likely to build this a lot sooner.


is there an update on this? we were just discussing today how beneficial this would be for our workflow.


Hi Perry, I think @jamie.wilson implemented this :slight_smile:

The new feature should be deployed on your site shortly!


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