Enable 'alert' Staff Notes

It’d be useful to be able to create a staff note that’s highlighted as an alert, to make it stand out from the notes which are just added to a user profile for general reference.

Staff notes have been really useful for me to use to record the fact that I’ve done some checks on a new user to make sure that they weren’t banned previously. Some users are more suspect than others though so I’d like to be able to flag the fact that I should pay closer attention to particular users, whereas I’ll add other notes that I’ve given a user the ‘all clear’. This might also be useful if a user’s been given a formal warning before etc.

I’m imagining a different e.g. :rotating_light: / extra icon being displayed next to user’s usernames where the :memo: icon for staff notes is now, to make these notes very visible but I’m sure that other alternatives would work too.