Official Private Warning Enhancements

After using the official warning feature, I have come up with a couple proposals that I can’t find anywhere else:

  1. Apply staff color to the OP of the message by default.
  2. Include #moderators in the message, like with flags. This would remove the need to manually add other staff to the meadage.

Staff color definitely makes sense and is consistent with usage elsewhere.

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Just thought I’d clarify suggestion 2: I meant add in other moderators automatically as is done with the messages associated with custom flags. Hopefully that improves the suggestion.

I would not want to see #moderators added automatically. Maybe a check-box option instead.

When I send an official warning to a member, that’s the issue dealt with. There is a record of the message in the member’s user-notes for any other moderator who needs to deal with them for whatever reason. Alerting all staff every time a warning is issued is not necessary and could quickly become very annoying.

For those who have that plugin. Outside of that plugin though… there isn’t.

I’m aware of that. But as it is, moderators are alerted to every flag which comes in, and that can be really irritating first thing in the morning, when you’re likely to have a number of alerts for issues which have been handled overnight.

My main point is that when a warning has been sent, the immediate issue has already been dealt with, and there is no necessity to alert other mods on a routine basis. A check-box would allow mods to be notified if required, without adding unnecessary noise everywhere.


Many were complaining of “too many” Notifications because of the “now closed” posts.

My take is that it is not so important that every Moderator know that “this member has just been warned” when it happens, but that it is very important that Moderators know that “this member was warned about this before”.

i.e. as TechnoBear stated, the issue has been dealt with. But when and if the member repeats an offense, it may indicate a need for actions stronger than another initial warning.

Even without a “User Note” plugin, the “Warnings” indicator on a member’s Profile page could be of some use. Not as handy as a User Note, but at least it’s a “trail” of sorts


Yes, as moderators are subject to access control, adding them to the access list is a necessity.

Setting them to Watching is not necessary.

That seems like a good point. I agree that Watching isn’t necessary, and Regular should be sufficient for all staff who aren’t immediately involved.

To add to that, the main reason I wanted other staff added was that we recently had to issue a warning to a user and he requested that all staff involved in the behind-the-scenes decision be included in the message. When sending the warning initially, I had assumed that other staff would be included automatically, so when I went back in I was surprised that wasn’t the case.

I agree with this, can you add this to your list @eviltrout before we ship 1.3 – make the first post in a PM official warning topic, the staff color. I assume it’s just adding the right css class…

Even easier, it’s just switching the post type in the PostCreator, I think.

Ask and ye shall receive:


Is it (how is it) possible to have the official warning also be reachable in the moderators’ mailbox?


Instead of heart button there could be “I understand” button in official warning messages.