Enable automatic titles for Chat Threads

This topic covers the configuration of setting up automatic titles for Chat Threads. This is related to AI Helper, which is part of Discourse AI plugin.


Chat Threads requires you to manually type in a title for the thread. Through this feature, AI would be used to generate Chat Thread titles via Large Language Models (LLMs) which take the context of the posts within the thread. This will make Chat Threads more discoverable to those browsing and lessen the burden on the thread author to type it manually.


  • Automatically generate Chat thread title when threads are created
  • Pick the delay time it takes for the LLM to auto-generate the title for the thread


:discourse: Hosted by us? Currently, this feature is available for all hosted by Discourse customers on any plan. :tada:

It comes pre-installed on most plans, and if you’re an Enterprise customer you can contact us to have it added to your site on request. :discourse:

:information_source: Self-hosted users can install the plugin anytime by following Install Plugins in Discourse - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

Enabling automatic titles for Chat Threads


Must configure a Large Language Model (LLM) from at least one of the options below:


  1. Go to Admin settings-> Plugins → search or find discourse-ai and make sure it’s enabled
  2. Enable composer_ai_helper_enabled to activate AI Helper in Composer
  3. Enable ai_helper_automatic_chat_thread_title to activate automatic titles for Chat Threads

Technical FAQ

  • Why is there a delay for the titles show up on the threads?
    • Since this feature uses LLMs, thread context is passed to the LLM and thus requires some time for the LLM to generate the thread title. Additionally, the setting ai_helper automatic_chat_thread_title_delay defines how long till the thread title shows up, which by default is around 5 mins.


  • The automatic titles generated may not always be 100% accurate to the contents of the thread