Configure API Keys for Google Gemini

Google Gemini

In this example, we are using Google Gemini to generate the keys.

:information_source: In order to use certain AI feature, users must have an API Key from a 3rd party provider such as OpenAI (ChatGPT), Anthropic (Claude), Stability AI (Stable Diffusion), etc.

Please check each AI feature to see which 3rd party providers can be used for it.

Note: Currently, the Pro plan is available for free. Please see here for up-to-date details and pricing .

:warning: In its current state we recommend using Gemini to power embeddings and NOT use it as an LLM for Discourse AI features, i.e - AI Bot. This is due to hallucinations and other issues that we uncovered during testing

Platforms will always change so this guide may not reflect 100% process.

Generate the API key

  1. Log in to Google AI Studio. Follow the instructions in their documentation to get an API key
  2. Generate the API Key
  3. Once the key is generated, store it in a safe and secure place and copy it

Using API key for Discourse AI

  1. Go to Admin settings from the sidebar or profile and then Plugins
  2. Search or find Discourse AI and click settings
  3. Search or find ai_gemini_api_key and input your copied-over key


I’ve added the Google Gemini Api key in the Discourse settings (AI Plugin is working ok, at lease showing so). Also enabled the ‘Ai_Bot’ in settings.

But am not feeling any change in my site anywhere. I was expecting that may be I’d be perhaps able to create auto caption for any picture I load in composer window. Or … see below:

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Is the following configured accurately for AI Bot?

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Thanks @Saif
I’m taking the hint that I should check this check list sent by you, and if any difficulty, I should better get involved myself under that topic only.
If I’m wrong in understanding this, Pls tell me and I’ll follow up here, under this topic only.

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Assuming the API key is working as intended then I would recommend checking with each of the configurations of the Discourse AI features you have enabled to ensure they are working appropriately.

Sure you can post in that topic

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