Enabling chat breaks plugins and UI on 2.9.0 beta 3

Found a rather odd bug, not sure where to report bugs for chat, so taking a stab here. The chat plugin seems to break some UI elements and other plugins like the search banner, reactions and assign.

My discourse instance is on 2.9.0 beta 3, with all the plugins updated to latest as well. This started happening after the upgrade from 2.9.0 beta 2 to 3.

Search banner breaks when chat is enabled

Reactions to posts break when chat is enabled

The custom category boxes also breaks when chat is enabled. The footer for ever box is supposed to show a more topics button

When chat is disabled, all the plugins and theme components work perfectly as expected. Please let me know if someone else has encountered this and if there’s any fix available. Happy to report this bug elsewhere if this is not the right place.

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This got fixed when we upgraded to beta4. Closing this topic.

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