Enhancing My engineering Community Landing Page - Technology Support Category

  1. Enhancing the Landing Page: I have shared an example of my current landing page for technology product support category.
  • Stripe Example: This is a frame of reference and I don’t know how much can be achieved, Taking inspiration from Stripe’s support landing page, aiming to ensure that my support category landing page is welcoming, easy to navigate, and includes a prominent search bar apart from having out on the home page (main landing page)
  • New topic renamed to Support Request ?: Can this be explored so as to replace new topic as option to “Request Support” option in a visible location
    Post Submission : Guide me them through what to expect for a user after posting, such as receiving notifications or follow-up replies.
    Quoting and Tagging : how to quote from previous posts & tag other users for a more dynamic interaction.
  • Tooltips - how to guide a user through the process of creating a new support post.

What other top features can I use to make it a welcoming landing page where users spend minimal clicks to get help, any specific features to better home or landing page?

Welcome, @Varun_Sreenivasa!

Looks like you’re looking for support and not requesting a new support

Maybe you want Versatile Banner

Maybe look around at docs.