Entering subcategory hangs

Problem: Going into the subcategory “Copies of texts…” just sits there forever with the circle going around.

The UI logs don’t show anything, maybe I should look deeper into disk logs? Where exactly?

The thing I did before this problem occured is I moved some posts away from another topic into a new topic in this subcategory. One of the moved posts was extremely long, at least 10 A4’s. But it viewed fine in it’s original location. Newest 2.9.0.beta4 (moved in a previous version, beta1).

I guess I could go to https://try.discourse.org and try to recreate the problem, except I cannot access the post anymore :). Or maybe I can get to it from the location it was moved.

(away for a week, so will be a while before I can test any ideas)

Hi @Peter_Backgren :slight_smile:

I thought I’d check in now you’re back from your week away and see if you’re still experiencing this issue?

Got hit by some airplane flu next… :frowning:

But the problem is gone. Since the forum lives on Digital Ocean I wouldn’t expect it to have booted or updated. Maybe this then just was some superlong indexing thing that had to happen before the subcategory became available again? Quite many hours…

At least I now know the post size, 97494 bytes. Someone’s really been writing (or copy pasting obviously).

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It sounds like moving that big topic/post may have triggered a background job that needed a bit of time to process the size of the move. Hopefully it will all be working for you fine now. :crossed_fingers: I’ll slide this topic over to #support for now, but if the issue reappears we can always dig a little deeper.

That’s unfortunate. :slightly_frowning_face: And I’m afraid to say that’s definitely not a bug we can fix. :slight_smile: But I hope you feel better soon. :+1:

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