ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT when creating or editing replies

On Chrome on Mac, I am not able to create or edit messages on meta. When I try, the app hangs at “saving”, and I get continual error messages in the inspector:


This has happened every now and then, and has come back today.

I thought it might be the privacy badger extension, but turning that off did not change things.

Hi @JQ331

if you have that error in Chrome, it’s your browser that blocks the url.

That happens if you use a Chrome Addin (like an Adblocker).

Try to disable all extensions.


That seems to have done it (removing adblocker made the problem go away). Thanks.

Given how common adblocker is, isn’t it an issue that adblocker stops meta from working?


I use an Adblocker, but with FireFox. Never had a problem with a discourse forum.

May be you have a special / additional rule.

Your error

is curious, because it’s a local address. Normally, adblockers block external addresses.

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Looks like the problem is continuing today. I have turned off the ad-blocker on chrome. I am now running no extensions on chrome when I’m on meta.

Still getting same errors. Not able to save new messages or edit messages on meta on chrome at all.

i only use chrome and i do not experience the error you are getting