Error 422 when sending invite on 2.7.0.beta4

What can be the meaning of error 422 that I am getting when sending an invite (see attached, error shows at the top)? It is happening after updating to 2.7.0.beta4.

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It might mean the email address you are trying to invite is already a user on the site. I came across this in my testing as well. Note the invite system is being changed quite a bit at the moment.

I deleted the test account before testing this invite. It still gave the error. Maybe there’s a record of deleted account that persists and the system can’t make the difference? Or it could be something else entirely.

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Can you try a different email address entirely? Let me know if the 422 error keeps showing up.

It’s working! Indeed, so far I only tried with emails that have been used in the past for test accounts that I was deleting each time I was making new invite tests.

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Sorry for the confusion. The problem will be fixed with:


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