Error banner after upgrading to 2.7.0.beta7

Hi there,

I upgraded to 2.7.0.beta7 and now I have an error banner at the top:

The theme seems to be working correctly, how do I get rid of that error?

The error you are seeing is probably related to this change: Upcoming core changes that may break some themes/components (April 12). Have a look at your site’s theme to see if you have made any customizations to it. There might be a helpful error message displayed if you try clicking the Save button on one of the theme’s edit pages.


Thanks for your reply. I could not spot any error, I’ll hide that div with CSS for the time being

If you open up your browser’s console you should see an error log that starts with An error occurred in the "Light" theme/component. Can you copy and paste the full error message here?

I’d strongly recommend that you don’t do this; the theme may appear to be working correctly but the theme code is definitely producing an error when it executes which is what causing Discourse to display that notice (which, by the way, is only shown to admin users in case you are worried your users are seeing it).


I had a

An error occurred in the "Light" theme/component: ReferenceError: controller is not defined


controller = api.container.lookup('controller:composer');

I fixed it with

var controller = api.container.lookup('controller:composer');

Thanks for your help, all good now! :smile:


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