Error when trying to view "Your Votes" with Topic Voting plugin

I’ve just installed the topic-voting plugin but am getting an Error when I try to access “your votes”.

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Hi Richard, can you be more specific on the error?

What does the error message say?

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Could you check your /logs to see if they provide any more information? You could also use the browser tools to see if anything flashes up in the console when you try and access that page.

I have topic-voting enabled on my test site, but I’m not seeing any issues when I navigate to /my/activity/votes. Is this the page you’re referring to?

Thanks @JammyDodger – I’m getting a bunch of variations of this error in the browser console:

Error while processing route: userActivity.votes this.isCurrentUser is not a function TypeError: this.isCurrentUser is not a function
    at n.emptyState (

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I’m still having a hard time replicating this. :thinking:

Just to check the basics, have you updated to Latest? (if you could include the version you’re on that would be even better :+1: :slight_smile:)

And do you have any non-official plugins that may be conflicting at all? (You could try safe mode with themes and non-official plugins disabled)