Error while trying to change the username of an inactive account

As an admin, I’ve tried to change the username of an inactive account (i.e. registered but never activated) and I’ve go this in error logs:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
Line: 15
Column: 69 
Window Location:

For activated account I don’t have any errors.

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OK on the error, but why would you need to change the username of an unactivated account exactly?

Actually I don’t. I was just playing around with some accounts taken from IP.Board and I’ve noticed the fact that the ones with space in username were not imported. So I wanted to see if the interface allows you to have spaces in usernames and that’s how I’ve noticed the issue and reported it. I don’t see myself changing usernames for inactive accounts on a regular basis.

So that I can correct it before I approve them, allowing me to set a username (first initial, then surname) that will allow their full name show on their profile.

We all want to know who each other are in our boards, and they don’t know that (currently) the default username hides their full name as redundant information.

Changing it before approval means they don’t have to deal with a change later.

Does this bug still exist?
I managed to successfully change the username of an inactive account and I didn’t see any errors in the logs.

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