Errors when restoring Discourse 2.5.5 backup into Discourse 2.7.8 app

Hi, I have a local Discourse 2.5.5 instance running on Bitnami VirtualBox VM. I want to move this site to run on VMWare.

Currently, the only available Discourse VM image that I can find contains Discourse 2.7.8. However, when I try to restore Discourse 2.5.5 backup inside Discourse 2.7.8 VMWare instance I get these errors:

Unexpected error in Message Bus : PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "user_auth_tokens" does not exist LINE 1: SELECT "user_auth_tokens".* FROM "user_auth_tokens" WHERE ((...
Job exception: ERROR: deadlock detected LINE 2: INNER JOIN notifications AS notification ON sn.notification_... ^ DETAIL: Process 4313 waits for AccessShareLock on relation 20366
Job exception: :arguments expected to be an Array of individual string args
Job exception: :arguments expected to be an Array of individual string args

I wasn’t sure whether to post this problem on Bitnami or Discourse forum but since these errors come from Discourse I decided to post it here.

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We don’t support the Bitnami images here, as they package our software but don’t follow our official install guidelines.

I recommend installing Discourse using the official install guide and trying to restore on it.


Thanks, I managed to work-around this problem by copying the Discourse installation from one VM to another. Here’s the related topic on Bitnami forum.