Etiquette for self editing posts

I have a sort of “staircase wit” ( I realise what I should have said when I leave the meeting and walk down the stairs). As a result I edit my posts quite a lot.

Is there any guidance about best practice on this?

At the moment I am considering posts fair game to edit if no-one has replied.

I know people can see the history of what I write, so there is a trail to unravel in a dire case of miscommunication.


I’d say edit all you like and have some fun doing it :upside_down_face:


As long as the meaning is not changed then editing your posts is fine.

Checking for replies is also a considerate thing to do — if there are no replies, then you are free to edit as much as you like.


Until the post edit time limit kicks in it seems (as I just found out when I tried to edit my original post :wink: ) and searched for why I could not.


Yeah, that’s the approximate guideline I like to follow. Sometimes my edits do change the meaning of the post, though, because of stuff like a word being while writing the post.