Events in Personal Messages are present in the /upcoming-events page but not visible

It is great to have Events posted in PMs displayed in the upcoming-events calendar. However, they aren’t currently visible to users unless hovered over.

In the HTML, the border-color and color are #undefined; this is likely a regression due to the recently introduced category and tag colors (and picker) for the plugin - which I love by the way!!

Here is the rendered HTML:

<a class="fc-day-grid-event fc-h-event fc-event fc-start fc-end" href="/t/-/30588/1" style="background-color:unset;border-color:#undefined;color:#undefined">
  <div class="fc-content" style="max-height: 32px;">
    <span class="fc-time">3p</span>
    <span class="fc-title" style="overflow: hidden; white-space: pre-wrap;">Chat re NAHSTIG (record)</span>

Hey @nathank, thanks for the report!

It’s indeed a regression, you are also using the include_expired_events_on_calendar site setting, right?

The issue is that we were creating an outline of the background color for expired events, but events in PMs don’t have a background color set at all.

This PR should fix it:

It also replaces the outline style for expired events with a simple opacity.


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