"everyone" group unable to see private templates

Encountered bug while testing Templates plugin. Discourse version 3.2.0.beta1-dev (24d46fd981), templates commit 146dc201. (i see now that there’s a new version eight hours ago, but as the commit doesn’t mention this bug specifically, i’m risking the assumption it hasn’t been fixed. please correct me if i’m wrong.)

  1. have one user set as a regular member, but not a member of any group.

  2. enabled private templates and created template tag. allowed everyone to use private templates.

  3. aforementioned user created a PM to themselves and tagged it template, but could not see it as an option to select when making a new topic.

I, as a staff member, was able to create my own PM and tag it template and see both, with the same settings.

I then assigned the test user to a group and specifically moved the permission group from everyone to just that group and then the user was able to see his private template.

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What if you assign permissions to @trust_level_0 instead? Does it work then?

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Yes, trust_level_0 appears to work. A good workaround, if they don’t plan to fix everyone.

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‘Everyone’ is more a pseudo group that includes anon, and probably shouldn’t be included as an available group to set here. :thinking:

I think setting TL0 would be the thing to do. :+1:

I’ll see if we can get someone to take a look.


I am okay with this logic. Just wanted to report it because it was something I noticed. :smile:

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