Tags in tag groups not visible to assigned user group

Came across this on a client instance and could replicate it on a testing instance as well:

I restrict the visibility of tags using a tag group:

Screenshot from 2022-06-15 10-20-24

So for admins the group shows as:

Screenshot from 2022-06-15 10-23-04

But for trust_level_0 the the tag and tag group don’t show on the tags page. We also use tag groups to bundle tags on a component and they don’t show there either.

They do show as a single tag on topics.


Let’s try for a repro. :slight_smile:

  • Enable tags_listed_by_group in admin settings
  • Create tag ‘newsletter’ on a public topic
  • Create tag group called ‘Members Only’
  • Add ‘newsletter’ tag to tag group, and set tag group visibility to trust_level_zero

  • Set test user as TL0
  • Look at /tags page

    Expected: TL0 test user would be able to see TL0+ tag group
    Turns out: TL0 test user cannot see the TL0+ tag group

I also tried it with the test user as TL1-4 as well, but the TL0+ tag group only shows up when I crank them up to Moderator (or Admin).

I also tried it with a non-trust-level group too, but that also didn’t show the restricted tag group when the test user was added to that group.


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting the issue @nolo and for the repro steps @JammyDodger :+1:


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