Remove the "everyone" group from event allowed groups setting

The discourse post event allowed on groups setting drop down gives the “everyone” group as one of its options. When selected, the expectation is that everyone will be allowed to create events, but this is not the case. To allow any user on the forum to create an event, the trust_level_0 group would need to be selected.

I think that similar issues with the “everyone” group being included in settings dropdown menues has come up in the past. Probably the setting is just pulling in all groups, but the “everyone” group isn’t a real group and should be excluded from most of these settings.


yea I believe it’s using a list_type: group to pull existing groups - I do this on some of my theme components. In general, I think the everyone group is a bit odd (and not really a group, per se), and TBH, I would rather have an Anon group (or non TL0 and up) to be able to target in various places (or at least as an additional default group). I know in CSS, one can use .anon, but it’s not the same as a group.


We have had a few of these now, including a current bug one for Templates - "everyone" group unable to see private templates

I think we might be taking a proper look at exactly where this pseudo-group is used across all the things and either making it work consistently or snipping it out of the dropdown altogether. :crossed_fingers: