Exclude category from New list

One of our users has requested a way to see New topics (topics created within the last few days) but exclude topics from a certain category from that list. We’re using a specific category to collect requests & they’re not interested in seeing those requests.

It looks like they can mute the entire category to achieve this but that’s a bit of a blunt instrument because they are interested in seeing the discussion in those category’s topics.

Is it possible to enable them to retrieve a list of New topics, whether by creating a top menu option, adding a ‘not’ operator to search results or customising a URL perhaps, to exclude this topic?

It looks like they should be able to search for in:first after:2019-05-01 if there’s a way to exclude specific categories from search results? I’ve seen that this can be done with tags but -#support for example doesn’t work. Although even if this is an option it’d still require them to update the date each day so it’s not ideal.

I need the same feature. Also, the mute solution seems to have a bug: Possible Bug in Parent Category Mute