Exclude category posts from displaying on home page?


Our daily update posts here -

Are overwhelming the other types of posts. Is it possible to exclude posts from the daily-network-updates category from displaying on the home page?

Thank you!

Head over to the category settings for that category and tick this box under the settings tab


We’ve generally moved away from recommending that setting, in favor of forcefully setting the “mute this category” preference for all (or some) users on your site.

Perhaps that setting should be removed @sam to indicate just how much we no longer think people should be using it.


I support removing this setting, but I worry that we are giving admins no easy avenue to set all users to mute specific categories historically. This makes it particularly difficult when you add a category and want it default muted.

How do you feel about providing admins with some UX here? In particular:

  • Admin adds a category to default_categories_muted (same for watched etc)
  • We detect … oh something changed…
    • Would you like all existing users to have “category X” muted?
    • Would you like to remove the category mute from N users?

I like this cause this provide a very clean way for admins to deal with this problem and it has happened countless times now on meta. With this in place I would love to nuke that category setting.


Yes totally that’s what I’m getting at. We get lots of requests for this, we even do it internally… so I fully support it.


Thanks for the replies. Why is the recommendation so strongly against using the existing option?

Ideally, I’d like to display, say, the most recent X updates from that category. The updates in question are daily updates. So I’d like users to see that these updates exist, yet prevent them from crowding out the updates from other channels.