Exclude some moderators and admins from private category

We have a Co-op community using discourse. We have different committees working on different subjects and some of them have discussions about other co-op members which we prefer to be private. We created a private category for that. However, the moderators and admins were chosen mostly because they are more tech-savvy than the rest, but should not have access to these conversations.

Is there a way to exclude all or some moderators and admins from a private category?


You can not exclude admins, they have “god like abilities” so be very careful about assigning admin.

Moderators on the other hand can be partitioned so some groups of mods can see one category and others other categories.


Thanks for the very quick answer.
How would I do that?

You place the moderators who should see that category and put them into a Group. Then add the respective permissions to that category from that group and remove “staff” permissions on the group.