Mod permissions and access

Is there a way to limit what the mods can see on the back end and do? Also to limit what categories someone can mod?

No, there is currently not a way to alter the permissions, as Jeff said in this topic:

Moderators for a specific category is on the roadmap, but not yet implemented.

This is what moderators can do vs, admins:

Are you sure? Last I knew moderators that are not admins can not access a member’s messages unless they are included in the message.


Yeah, it’s probably outdated. Now moderators also can’t:

  • Read people’s PM’s
  • Get their email
  • Cannot create categories.
    @Mittineague is there some that I’m missing here?

Here’s some info about moderator permission changes:

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I imagine there are other “can nots”, but one that comes to mind is Moderators can not impersonate other members.