Exempt TL4 from `max consecutive replies`

TL4+ users should be exempt from the message.

No more than 2 consecutive replies are allowed.

Specific noted post start with this post.

As a TL4 user
Created a summary with the Discourse AI bot and posted it as a reply.
Closed the topic because it was inactive for more than 2 weeks.
A user sent me a direct message that the topic needed to be opened because the topic was noting a problem and the problem was not fixed.
Then created a reply post but upon trying to add the post was greeted with the message.

I was surprised to get the message.
Does either or both closing and opening a topic count?

I really do not want to delete any of the current 3 items, summary, close and open as they leave a record for others to see.

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Not a “good” workaround, but you could use this to your advantage here:

As a separate note, you can add content to the posts generated for opening and closing a topic instead.



Did not know that option.

I did exactly that.

Side note: Wanted to link to the closed notice but even with text the ability to select a link for it is not available. However knowing how to construct the URL by hand does still work.

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Just for clarity, the default is 3 consecutive replies for max consecutive replies:

As you can see from the description, topic owners, admin, mods and category moderators are already exempt, so this would be mainly for TL4s.

It is interesting that the small action posts have been counted for that as well though. It might be worth not including those in the count as they generally perform a separate function than the one the setting is targeting. :thinking:

Though a TL4 should be trusted enough not to be limited by that behavioural nudge as well, so I can see an argument for removing that rate-limit from them too.


As an admin setting I’d assume?

To be honest, I think it would likely be too granular to warrant an extra setting for something like that. I would say we can could have either TL4 are experienced/trusted enough not to need this (in the same way as cat mods), or we could not count small action posts to avoid a ‘mod’ action triggering it but leave it in place otherwise.