Some fixed-order categories don't show up in Categories (Home)

For example,

Does not show up in our main page category @

…despite being ranked order # 6 :

Bonus question: How can I both show and hide categories that show up on the left side? Eg, I wouldn’t like off topic to be a “featured” category.

I read that there’s a “Hide from Home Page” option… but I can’t find it for the life of me. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing it before (which is why it may be hidden), but … did it poof?

I thought it’d be in a specific category settings >> settings tab.

Are you talking about Suppress category from latest topics? That is in the category settings tab.

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Hmm, I don’t think that’s right:

Save category >> Navigate to home page (split right side latest, left side categories) >>

It’s not there:

Forum Matches appears for me. We’re talking about the category with the white banner and red cross, bottom left corner, right?

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Whoa, what the – yea!

I just went to Incognito and I can see it fine. This is a bit bizarre:


Mine doesn’t show up at all, haha, any idea what would cause this? I wonder if I could have possibly clicked something to locally suppress the category (a personal option)? Others are also reporting that it’s just me (strangely, the board owner).

EDIT: Seems like users cannot suppress a category (individually), looking at Can users hide Categories from the Categories list?

…So now I’m just confused :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s not correct. Users can mute categories, which hides them from most parts of the UI. Can you check and see if it’s listed under muted?


AHHH… That was it!


And there it is


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