Export Discourse from Wordpress only to import on native Linux Discourse installation

I want to export all the discourse data - categories, topics, tags, content to import it on a native installation on an AWS Linux server. Is this possible or can Wordpress Installation of Discourse can only be imported into another WP installation?

What do you have right now?

I don’t know what you might mean by a WordPress installation of Discourse.

I have Wordpress installed on a local server with Discourse as a plugin that has data in it - topics, tags, categories and all. I want to export all of this Discourse data to a new installation of Discourse on an AWS ec2 instance. I’ll install Discourse on Linux but I want to have all of this data that I already have in Wordpress’s Discourse plugin.

The wordpress plugin only links a WordPress site with a Discourse site. Discourse users, topics and so on are not in WordPress. Do you have a Discourse server somewhere? It sounds like you might must.

Moving discourse from one server I another requires setting up the new server, backing up the old one and restoring that data in the new server.