Export/import theme components in bulk?

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I have about 25 theme components installed on one site, from a mix of git repositories and custom CSS/HTML, and I was hoping to install all (or ideally, some) of those on another site.

I’ve seen the Discourse Settings Uploader plugin, but it doesn’t seem to do themes/theme-components:

And I couldn’t find anything related to themes/theme-components in the Administrative Bulk Operations either.

Does anyone know of a way to export/import theme components?

You might be able to make the site:export_structure rake task work. It should include all of your site’s themes/components (along with quite a few other things).


At some point it might be nice to support flagging exactly which structural aspects one wants. It’s relatively new, so I’m sure there with be room for improvements down the line.


Sweet, I’ll check it out! Thanks :pray:t2:

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