External login/authentication options unavailable - Device specific bug?

So just checking it, I thought it was very odd this hadn’t been mentioned that I could find, sorry if I’ve missed something…

Anyway the options to login through an external service (Google/Twitter/Discord/etc) seem to have disappeared? The only option I can see currently (on meta, on my forums) is to log in locally via email/pass.

I might not have noticed except that it logged me out of these forums and I only had login through Google originally, took me a minute to get back onto the forums.

As far as I can tell the associated accounts are still here (still shows I have a Google account linked on my profile).

edit: The options have disappeared on the desktop version, on the mobile side the options appear and login still works.

edit2: Ok, the options appear on the desktop version on Firefox and Chrome on my normal computer, just not on the Chromebook. Okay then. Getting clearer why nobody else had mentioned this. :sweat_smile:

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Do you have an ad blocker on the chromebook which might be hiding the facebook/google/twitter buttons?


Yup, good call, something to do with ublock. Disabling shows logins.

I thought my setup was mirrored across devices but apparently I did something weird, a possibility that can never be fully discounted.

Crisis (?) averted! Thanks.