Facebook App login icon?

Discourse Noob here!

Sorry if this is a dumb Q. I searched and found this. But not related since I’m not worried about the user’s avatar.

How can you change the facebook Auth icon from default to my forum’s logo/image. Which of the image iploads is it? The 1024x1024 ?

Thanks much.


What image are you referring to?

Tried to post screenshot before but: “Sorry, new users can not upload images”

No the actual logo from the Facebook app. The square company/forum logo. For example, if your forum name is ABC the square logo for ABC’s Facebook app.

So after clicking the button in your image attachement, the window that pops up… that logo.

Ah … you mean the logo image in FACEBOOK …

Yes, the 1024x1024 image.
I just tried it out on one of my forums.

Awesome. Thanks much.