Facebook video: "URL signature expired" due to login required


Not sure this is Discourse related…

I’ve posted a Facebook video on my forum. A few weeks later, the embedded video won’t be displayed anymore, with a 403 error and this message: “URL signature expired”

The direct link still works, here it is: Romain Gadiolet - Un petit souvenir de mon entrainement et...

Here’s my post: Le sujet des vidéos de mono - Autour d'une roue - Monocycle.info

Here’s another facebook video I just posed that works: Le sujet des vidéos de mono - Autour d'une roue - Monocycle.info

Any idea what’s going on with the URL signature expired thing, and how I could have the embedded video working?


I’ve had that happen on my forum with a couple of links, but within hours. One link refused to show - other than a pop-up for me to log in or sign up. I don’t use FB myself. The next time I clicked on the link I got the expired URL signature message.
One thing I did notice is that when I scrolled down to the user’s post, the video seemed to appear “normally” for a split second, then was greyed out, Some time later I got an “unsupported video mime” error.
Here’s what shows on the first link the user posted:

When she posted the following link I got the expired URL signature:

She ended up just posting the YouTube link to the video and that OneBoxed and worked fine. The YT link:

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Hard to say. Can someone post a generally accessible (public) facebook video link here and we can watch what happens after a few days? I don’t have a FB account (or Instagram, or Whatsapp) and will absolutely go to my grave never ever having one, otherwise I’d offer to do it. :wink:


Same here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good for you @JimPas and @codinghorror

I read this book over a year ago (Nov 2018), on that very subject:


Definitely worth reading (or listening to the audiobook).


It appears that the video I was talking about requires to be logged into Facebook. Maybe the issue comes from that :sweat_smile: