Failure Installing on E2-Micro (GCP Free Tier)

I have a free tier instance that I wanted to install Discourse on. Unfortunately, it looks like the CPU of the free tier instance (0.5 vCPUs) isn’t enough to power through the installation.

The yarn part of the install fails with:
error An unexpected error occurred: “ ESOCKETTIMEDOUT

The reason for this error can be found here. Essentially if the machine can’t decompress the downloaded packages fast enough, yarn won’t respond to the socket within the timeout, and the download will fail.

This is apparently fixed in the latest version of yarn, so it’d be nice to see that upgraded.

Another potential fix: yarn is spinning up 8 installation processes, even though the machine only has 2 cores. Decompressing packages would be extra slow if it’s trying to pull 8 packages at once.

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