Fakebook, a theme for social media lovers

You could achieve most of that pretty quickly with the Layouts Plugin + a sidebar of choice + TLP (TC) or TLThumb


Yes, that’s true. I guess I would just like to see it have its own theme. I will do what you said though, thank you.


I think that’s not possible because that is the generated thumbnail or the first image of the topics.

would be better if thumbnails weren’t created for videos then - instead, embed from YouTube/Vimeo.

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would this option include User Wall, or is the TLP plugin required for that? and correct me if i’m wrong, but TLP plugin means the sidebars would goof up displaying of topics, right?

seems like TLP (TC) would be the best option for a new growing site with not much content, yes?

The TC flavour is responsive to sidebars and has the portfolio/user wall. Best to discuss that in the ‘plugins’ topic.

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It is a tough choice. :thinking:
Fakebook Theme can only work with TLP (TC) but not TLP (Plugin).

However, in Fakebook Theme, Topic list is arrange in single column.
Since, Chrome (Desktop) have limitation of 1000 row, in my case, post will overlapping each other after showing 30 posts.
(2 column → around 60 posts, 3 column → around 90 posts)

That is why I prefer using Layout Plugin for sidebar + TLP (Plugin). :partying_face:


TLP plugin because of that Chrome bug and no other reason, right? otherwise you’d use TLP TC?

That is the major reason. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The design of Fakebook Theme is unique, fun and interesting. :partying_face:
But if you want a much feature rich sidebar, you may prefer the Layout Plugin.


On iPhone Safari, the homepage doesn’t maintain its position when the user navigates back using the back button when using Fakebook theme. On pressing back, the page scrolls to a random position in the timeline making it unusable. I understand Safari is not meant to be used in the first place but unfortunately Home Screen websites are opened using Safari’s rendering engine. I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue for the standard theme used here on meta. And this only happens on Safari not chrome.

It is important because it impacts users using the Home Screen button to access the website.


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hi @dodesz, I really like your site. how did you add those link buttons (i guess banner) to the top of the page?

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I’m running fakebook modern and I have deleted all plugins on my site, and this is happening in the left sidebar:

Also, this is happening at the bottom of my topics – buttons and controls forced left:

How to fix these issues?