Family private site, preventing email leaks? app woes?

setup D for a family even.

I’m looking at ways to keep private family information private like. I have set

  • non-anon
  • must login,- no digest,
  • no mailing list mode
  • disabled “social” media sharing

How else can i prevent Title from being conveyed by email notifications? And more importantly preventing email Body leaking?

This is self hosted on Digital Ocean.

Also I have some mobile app concerns.

Neither the reviews for Android nor the reviews for iPhone are awesome. I don’t want family to be discouraged from using the site via an unpleasant app experience. I myself don’t apps this type to try.

What mobile app alternatives exist?


There’s a setting called private_email
With the context:

Don’t include content from posts or topics in email title or email body. NOTE: also disables digest emails.

Would this help?


If they have a “web browser” app available, it will work quite well.