FAQs, less thread-y more article-y

Hey everyone, hoping I can have some of your insights.
In an effort to keep our Help offering consolidated I’m trying to stay away from having a separate Help section on our website and then additional Help/FAQs in the community. In other words, have people find all their Help/FAQs in community.
But, having all our FAQs as threads in community looks like a long list of topics with no replies.

Has anyone used a plugin or some CSS magic in combination with tags to make the FAQ forum look more like a Help page? Bigger sections to denote tags which then link to forums, or more of a text index on the left and articles on the right

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We use the docs plugin here on Meta to give a cleaner view of our guides and information pages:



That is interesting, thanks!

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Any chance there’s an easy way to rename “Docs” everywhere?


Sure, you can do this on /admin/customize/site_texts. Search for Docs word will list all and you can change it.


Thanks, but that looks like I’m replacing it one by one and then again for each Language?