FAQs/Reminders Questions

When you go to start a new topic the FAQs show up as “our community guidelines”. It only appears for the first two posts. I don’t see a place to change this setting. Is it possible to have this reminder show up every time some goes to post a new topic and/or reply?

Also, is their capability to introduce a check box saying that they agree with the terms for each post?

Last question. Is it possible to rename the FAQ? I realize you can edit the document, but can you rename this document to Community Terms or Community Guidelines?



I think this setting below shows a panel with FaQ? Can’t remember exactly. (Set a really high value)

educate until posts

Should be just head to admin -> customize -> text

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I was able to change the value. Looks like 100 is the highest it will go.

Do you know if there is capability to have users check a box each time they post saying they agree to “our community guidelines”?