Fast Edit - Please Show Selected Portion as Selected Whenever the Composer Opens

When I select a portion of text to “Fast Edit”, and then the Composer opens, I expect that the text I have selected will already be selected in the Composer.

At this point, the cursor often does not even appear anywhere near my selected text, and often even arrives in the Title.

It is cumbersome and confusing to have to visually locate the resulting position of the cursor, and also to have to then use the mouse to re-position the cursor and re-select the portion I already had selected for editing.

IMO it would be preferable that I arrive at my selected text when the composer opens up, and to have it do so as pre-selected. That way I can more quickly type in my replacement text, or apply any formatting using keyboard shortcuts or toolbar buttons.


I think, though could be mistaken, that if it could identify which text you’d selected then it wouldn’t need to fallback to opening the composer at all?


Hmm… thank you, yes that makes sense.

I’m guessing that the reason the Quote can identify (while the Edit cannot) is that the Quote is just a copy-paste, not relying on any search-and-find capability?