Feature/Plugin to open all unread in tabs

Hi, I am looking for a Discourse feature, not sure if it already exists, or is part of some plugin.

Some of us have to look through everything that happens in a Forums site. It is very handy to just get there each time and open all of our unread list, each page in a new tab. That way it’s really easy to go through all of it one at a time, and closing one tab immediately discloses the next tab into view.

I know this works great as a user experience because I have that on Github notifications (I’m not sure if it’s default Github behaviour or a Refined Github Firefox add-on that I have),

  • I go to the notifications page
  • I click “Open all unread” button
  • starting from a certain threshold value (I think it’s 10) I get a confirmation pop-up. If it appears the text is something like “This will open 23 new browser tabs, are you sure? (Ok/Cancel)”. If it’s just a handful of tabs, they open right away.
  • I suppose there’s some other maximum limitation to avoid trying to open 1000 tabs, though I’ve never seen it.

I understand this is a bit “heavy-handed” way of doing things, so I realize it’s not a button we’d want to show by default, very prominently, to everyone. But as an optional feature, or one that is accessible just from a couple of screens, it would be great.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi pgr!

Depending on the number of tabs you’ll open, you may face rate limits (429 error: too many requests) and some tabs may not load. Such rate limits may also affect already opened pages if you initiate actions in them (like trying to send a message or like a post).

Yes, that makes sense. For Github I’ve found that a very large number of tabs (like those 23) will work fine.

But I wouldn’t mind a lower limit, whatever is sensible for Discourse. It would still be a great feature even if we had to do it in batches (10 by 10, or something similar).