Rate (un)limiting for site admins

I’ve just hit the rate limit (429 error) on our public community site.

It’s my practice to go through Latest and open threads of interest in new tabs. When I’ve worked through the list all the way down to my previous session, then I deal with each thread/tab individually. I do this at human speed and only open a thread after evaluating the title, category, tags & authors. I.e. it’s not like I’m issuing 1k requests/second.

I’ve been away/busy for a while, so I’ve just opened quite a few new tabs. I hit the rate limit & the Latest page stopped loading at the ‘9d’ mark. So okay, I’ll go deal with open tabs for a while & come back to the Latest list later.

Only I can’t even do that. The first tab in my list is one I opened because it needed additional tags. But the tag list wouldn’t load for me. (It does now. I guess I’ve spent long enough composing this post.)

Upshot/Feature request: The thing is that I’m a full-on admin on this site. Surely there’s no fear that I’m trying to DoS it? Can rate limits be selective by rights and/or trust levels?


P.S. * What I’ve described here has been my practice for most of the time we’ve been using Discourse - has something changed w/r/t rate limits?


I have found myself using the same work flow as you are describing - going through topics and PMs in the morning and saving the ones I need to come back to by opening multiple tabs in my browser. I haven’t run into rate limit issues with this, but if enough tabs are opened to the same Discourse site, rate limit issues will occur.

Opening multiple tabs in this way is essentially using tabs to create a todo list. Even without the rate limit issue, it’s not an ideal way to keep track of things. It’s easy to accidentally close a tab, or to browse away from a topic that’s been saved in a tab by responding to a notification from the tab. I’ve largely stopped using this approach and have started using timed bookmarks instead. I’m finding this to be a more reliable approach. Posts that I’ve bookmarked in the morning with a reminder set to “Later today” show up at the top of my bookmarks list. I can then either respond to the topics when the timed notification is sent, or I can just go to my bookmarks list and browse to the topics from there. A benefit of this approach is that bookmarks can be named. That would make it possible to write a short note to yourself about what needs to be dealt with in the post.

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I don’t think that’s possible, but let’s ask @sam and see.

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