Remove Name Suppression on Posts

:discourse2: Summary Remove Name Suppression on Posts disables the suppression of similar name / usernames on posts.
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Install this theme component

This tiny tiny theme component which only adds:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.18">

To your <HEAD> tag will disable the suppression of similar name / usernames on posts.






I know this is a bit old but just to give a heads up, this does not seem to work anymore. Looked at the code of the core suppression feature but I am not sure about the mechanics here:

Also, by default it is installed as a theme instead of a component. Do you have any ideas?

It still works for me:

is the site setting enable names enabled? If you inspect the page, do you see any console errors?

I set component: true so it should install as a component now.


Thank you for the component chage.

I have the enable names setting enabled. There are some errors in Chrome dev console like this:

I have manually added the code given by Sam to the header and tried disabling then enabling the “enable names” setting but it still does not work for me when the username and the name of the user are the same.