Feature Request - Pre-moderation of messages

How do I set up pre-moderation of messages?

Just in way of explanation, the forum that I would like to be using discourse for will be discussing issues which have privacy implications and therefore we are wanting to pre-moderate messages.


I… don’t think this is supported yet.

Some choices you have would be to:

  1. simply require approval of all new accounts:
  • create/sponsor a plugin
  • lobby for this to be a core feature

However, I think this is a feature more suited for commenting systems, not discussion systems. Although there could be a case for doing this only to TL0… Well, if you want to do #3, that’s what you should argue! :smile:

This may not be applicale to you, but as far as I know the Forum I’m with has decided to make a “special” Category that has the required Trust Level be higher before a member can post in it.

Will stilll need moderators to check them, but it is hoped that requiring a higher TL will minimize any problems with it.

Not supported yet. Requires quite a bit of user interface and flow so unlikely to happen very quickly.

It is something we want to get to eventually.


I’ve moved this into the feature area, rather than support area given as of yet it isn’t a feature implemented in Discourse.

It would be great if anyone who also needs this feature could flag their need for it here!

The current vB SitePoint forum has a couple of forums (eq to Cats) that all new threads (eq to Topics) are placed into moderation queue and remain invisible to members until a moderator evaluates them.

We are trying “work-arounds” and in fact deciding if this is something we still want to do, but I think we might use it if it were available.

@HAWK @ralphm ??

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Yup, we’ll almost definitely have a need for it.

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I’d also like to see this feature, but I think the ability to moderate/approve posts of specific users should get higher priority.

Just lock that user to trust level 0 and approve all TL 0 posts? This already works.

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