Feature suggestion: add Name column to Admin Users tab views

As a Discourse admin with an instance on a corporate intranet, it would be very useful to have a Name column next to the Username column on the Users tab in the Admin views. I find myself often clicking through to users from the admin page, both when supporting users and when troubleshooting other issues. It would be great to see their actual name next to their username.

Since the “Email” column is mostly blank by default, perhaps that should be swapped with Name and when the user clicks “Show Emails” then it changes the Name column to Email?

By the way, this topic is tagged with both admin and ui but only ui appears on the main list view under the topic name. Is that intentional?

Since “admin” is in the title the tag is not shown in certain places. The option is called suppress overlapping tags in list.


You can simply tap on the user avatar to see the user card which contains the full name.

True. I guess I was just trying to make the point that in a closed corporate environment, where you know every member has an email address at the company, that there are instances where it’s more convenient for users to see a list of names than a list of email addresses.

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