Show full name in admin's user list

In the normal user directory on my site at /u/ it shows username in bold, followed by full name.

In the admin’s user list at /admin/users/list/active only the username is shown. Is it possible to change this?


Does the admin username match their real name? In they case discourse does not display them both since they are the same. There is a setting to have your displayed anyway.

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Thanks but the real names are different (which is why I’d like to be able to see them at a glance on the admin list). I enabled that full name setting, as far as I remember.

Any ideas here? Thank you in advance.

Is it possible to have the real name in the admin-side user list? Thanks.

I think it can be possible. Just need you to create a plugin implement some functions that add the real name field to the serialization data, and one new column for real name on the web view.

Edit: I found the real name field are already exist in the responsed json data, so you might have no necessary to create a plugin and operate the servers logic, just a theme component/widget to render it on client side only.