Feature suggestion: "watched words“ auto-tagging policy per category

Tag policy (what’s required, what tag groups are allowed…) is set on a per-category basis. But the automatic tagging feature is site-wide. It would be ideal if this could be separately configured on a per-category basis, and failing that at least nicer if it could be given a list of categories to ignore (or not ignore).


We use tags differently in different categories. I would like to have different watched word auto-tagging on a per-category basis. (Different have different types of content and different tagging rules / practices.[1]

I don’t think this is possible at all right now, so please consider this a suggestion / rfe.

(Although — what happens when per-category tag groups are in use?)

  1. Also, to extend this to other Watched Words features, different categories may have different permissions, so different Require Approval or Flag rules might apply. ↩︎


Note that there are two “levels” possible here:

  1. Enable or disable automatic tagging on a per category basis
  2. Different tagging rules on a per-category basis.

The second would be awesome but the first would address my immediate need.

I’ve merged the double-up topics together :slight_smile: :+1:

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FYI to anyone else wanting to do this: the watched words feature respects category tag rules, so as long as you don’t have overlap and can make tag groups work, you can use those to manage this.