What happens when Watched Words is used for tagging but the tag isn't in the right tag group for the category?

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I asked this question parenthetically in the above support request, but if someone actually knows the answer, that’d be lovely:

That is: if there is a match, but that tag can’t be used in a given category, what happens? Tagged anyway? Ignored? Is an error logged? I know I could experiment, but I don’t want to run the experiment “live”. (If it is that such tags are ignored, it provides a somewhat hacky but viable way to do what I want…)

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Hi Matthew,

To answer your question here:

When a Watched Word for tagging a topic is used in a topic where that tag is not allowed, this has the following effect:

  • The topic will not be tagged.
  • If the topic requires a minimum number of tags to be posted, and this requirement has not been met outside the watched word tag, the topic will not be posted. Using a watched word tag in a topic will not bypass or otherwise avoid the tagging requirements for the topic if the watched word tag cannot be added to the topic.

No, there is no errors displayed in the UI or the error logs when a watched word tag is ignored because the tag cannot be added to the topic.

I will also mention that with any watched word tagging:

Let me know if you still have any questions about this situation.

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Thank you! This means that if restricting tags to tag groups is an option, one can use that to implement a crude version of Watched Words tagging — enable by category?

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