Feedback on our simplified topic map experiment

Yeah I believe this is unavoidable in the current theme component form, because it actually does a search to find the most liked replies. Probably fixable when we integrate these updates into Discourse.

Fair, it might be overkill to show it in both places for casual forum visitors… I think if the bottom appearance is optional, I’d lean towards most simple by default:

  • simplify the topic map, by default only show it under the original post like we currently do
  • add a user interface setting to enable it at the bottom of topics

Including some toggle within the map itself might be overkill (though it would be more discoverable), I suspect most people might not ever toggle it… and if they did, only once?

Another option is to increase the threshold for when it appears at the bottom… at the moment it’s when there are more than 10 posts, but maybe something like 50 would make more sense?


The downside here though is that summarize becomes harder and harder and I tend to want to reach for it even on shorter topics sometimes even with only 2 posts.

Also … I wonder… we are stressing out about this extra noise:

But what about all of this noise… so many words…

Does some of this boil down to @piffy’s request to move it after topic controls? cause the controls tend to be more important than the info? (eg: replying / sharing etc…)

It is a tough one … for sure…


This is great! And the views graph is a brilliant feature. Once you have 30 days of data, you can see a nice story about a topic’s views. Very, very nice!


And smaller forums may understand hard how small they are :smirk:


Small one, but will be very useful

If I have 5 views today and it is 12, it is likely I will get 10 views today

Maybe a light grey prediction of views today based on yesterday and today so today looks less sad?


Not a big ones but some what I’ve noticed. :slightly_smiling_face:

On mobile if I open a user card on frequent users then the user card backdrop can be on the frequent users modal? Now if I click outside of the user card it close the frequent users modal too. It would be great to close only user card.

The links modal seems missing some padding on mobile.

The summary header on mobile isn’t seems heading.

I’ve also notice on desktop when I try to Resummarize the topic the button not always working maybe while the summary modal open? I am not sure because this was pretty rare but last time I clicked the Resummarize button and nothing happened then I clicked outside and closed the modal and try again…


Somehow the dates don’t match the bars. 30.05 is rather below the bar of 31.05.


Yeah I remember @neil had similar issues in the past with Chart.JS drifting a bit. It does its best, but text gets wide.

If 30.05. is wider than 1 bar then the library has trouble. Vertical annotations would be even worse :cry:


I also noticed that likes are not aligned to the right on short posts


I’ve fixed a few minor layout issues, and switched the chart back to a line chart. I was also able to get the spacing between days more consistent.



I know it is such a bike shed, but the line really does not do it for me with less than 4 data points… even at 2 it is just confusing.


Especially since we don’t predict what it will get to…

I propose

  • Keep to bars for first 3 days
  • On day 4 switch to line

Also the prediction for current day would help here for sure.


We’re eagerly awaiting for this ‘New Topic Map’ to go live.

To tell the truth, a normal person like me is left astonished at the level of discussion that goes behind any such change/improvement. To tell one more truth, :innocent:, this is the first topic for which I’ve set the notifications to be sent to me on every new post, even when I’m not even ‘one-post’ participant in the topic!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Where is this topic timeline now?


On desktop, the topic timeline is next to the topic.

On mobile, you can click the small progress indicator at the bottom to see the topic map.


Oh silly me. I forgot that was the topic timeline.


Couple view chart updates:

instead of showing partial data for today, I use a rolling average to try to predict views on the chart:

The image displays a graph showing recent views over time, with a predicted number of views on a future date indicated below the graph. (Captioned by AI)

When there are <3 data points, I have a simplified view that just shows the viewcount (could probably bring prediction to this too):



Something breaks when I first look at the most liked posts and then at the views


Can repro, on mobile this causes chunks of the UI to become unresponsive, and scrolling breaks.


Is this topic component live? Can I use this on my site right now? Where is the link to the component or plugin?

should be fixed now!

this is an experiment, the plan is to make this the default in Discourse so you won’t need to install a component to get it