Feedback on our simplified topic map experiment

Very nice improvements.

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Thanks Kris :heart: This is truly an awesome improvement :tada:

I was thinking a lot, how it can be one line on languages which have longer words on presentation spans and buttons. For example on Hungarian locale there is no way it can be in one line.

I think every of these options could be icons instead text because it’s really obvious the meaning.

I tried it on our site something like:


I like everything about this except for one tiny thing. My brain wants all numbers to have the same color. I know why the views number isn’t blue, there is nothing to show for it on click… but still, the universe would be much more at peace (as far as my brain is concerned, anyway) if that views count was blue (and/or a link).


What would happend if we would follow color rule of visited and un-opened links :rofl:


I agree. It seems silly to invent a feature just to make this consistent, but I’m having a hard time resisting.

I would be happy starting with the simplest possible thing.

Here are some ideas:

  • A box that basically just repeats the information with a bit more elaboration:
    1.1k views → click → 1143 people have opened this topic since it was created
  • A box that shows some related statistic (e.g. percentile)
    1.1k views → click → Viewed more than 83% of all topics
  • A box that breaks it down a little bit over time
    1.1k views → click → All time: 1.1k views, Past 7 days: 234 views
  • A chart of views over time
    1.1k views → click → fancy litle chart

This is my pref but we need to start storing a bit more data


I have some good news here:

A lot is debounced, will take time to fill up, but it is there now and we have per day stats.


There’s a first version of this new view data live in the topic map:

This image displays a graph showing the recent website traffic views, with the number of views declining over time and a note indicating that one view is counted per unique visitor every 8 hours. (Captioned by AI)

now all the stats are clickable :tada: — data here is very low since this view-stats endpoint is a new Discourse feature, but it will be able to show the last 30 days

the chart itself will likely need some more adjustment


Yeah I think an easy change may be to change it to bars from a line cause it will be more friendly for “not a lot of data points”


I had a chat with @joffreyjaffeux yesterday about the modal issue - where we want a modal to kick off a modal.

He mentioned that he thinks it is “not too impossible”. Would be nice to sort it out, I think that is the only functionality we lost here.


Yes let me know if it’s a struggle @awesomerobot, I will sort it out


The recently added

body:not(.archetype-private_message) a {
    overflow-wrap: anywhere;

also affects how the number of members of the groups is displayed

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Fixed now, thanks!

I’ve just made an update that gets the usercards working, turns out it was fairly easy on desktop — the menus just needed to be inlined so they were within scope of the card listener.


To me this feels ready to be merged into Discourse

@lindsey / @mcwumbly ?

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I agree. Like this, I have the impression it belongs to the post above, and when there is a topic timer, I get the feeling something in front of “views” is missing.

I also still like the idea to use icons at least on mobile because that would solve the problem of strings being longer in other languages.


I miss the line, I thought it looked better :cry: Bars don’t really communicate changes over time as well. Maybe we switch from a bar to a line once we’ve gone past 3 days or something? Also what is the max time range that this chart shows, is it 1 week? 1 month?

More detailed reports for these topic views will come to admin at some point, sure, but this little window should still be insightful. Loving all the changes with this experiment! :heart:


Such a bikeshed but I think the bar is more correct in that we consistently use this UI paradigm for page views in the admin panel as well (even when there are tons of data points) so there is a consistency to it.

That said, plausible and google analytics like to use lines so you are totally right that this is the trend out there, maybe we should revisit this globally.

At the moment max amount of data is 4 days, but the controller will return up to 300 data points


Should/could there be an option to disable topic map, but keet summarizing?


Hello :wave:

It seems fetching Most liked replies generate recent searches here on each topic you click likes option.
Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 17.14.10

Easy repro just open the Most liked replies on a topic and reload the page. Then check the header search…


Good catch, Don! I have repro of this here on meta, also on other topics besides this one. I also saw this topic among my recent searches.

I’d vote for this as well. I can appreciate that for some data nerds it is pretty amazing to have this information at your fingertips (and it is!) but I personally find it distracting, as I wrote above.

The UI is vastly improved since I wrote that two weeks ago and I like having access to this feature, but I still wish I did not see it by default at the bottom of every topic.

What if we added a toggle to hide/show it, and the state is remembered across topics? So if you show it, you always see it until you decide to hide it again. It can be shown by default so people discover it.