Filter all untranslated strings


me again. :roll_eyes:

Is there a possibility to filter / select all untranslated strings in Discourse administration so I know how many left in total and don’t have to fiddle around to encounter an untranslated string by chance? Note that we do translate these strings directly in Discourse administration.


I think you might have a better luck doing all your translations directly on transifex.


Thanks for the reply, @zogstrip. However, when I tried transifex for the first time it seemed to be everything quite complicated and if I understood correctly then all the changes one makes are visible only after some kind of approval.

The biggest problem I have with transifex is that on our site we aim to approach people by imformal language, the strings translated on transifex are all in formal style of the language.

So, is there is an option to filter / select all untranslated strings in Discourse administration? I would be really grateful for some tips how to achieve it.

No, there isn’t. The UI was built for customizing translations, not for translating all of Discourse.

You might be better off by creating a plugin and translating in a custom Transifex project (or some other tool of your choice). I did something similar with GitHub - gschlager/discourse-german-formal-locale: This plugin adds a formal version of German as a new locale to Discourse..

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